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Digibyte (DGB) will survive an altcoin apocalypse – The fundamentals are right!

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Digibyte (DGB): The 2018 crypto bear seems to be biting harder, and with no end in sight to the pain. In fact, with the Bitcoin ETF now in more doubt than ever, the current bloodbath could very easily see some altcoins go to zero. At this point, any altcoin that doesn’t have some fundamental basis to it, will most likely die off. Fundamental basis in this case doesn’t just mean the technical aspects of the project, it also a coin’s standing relative to the dominant players in the market.

Simply put, Bitcoin has already solidified its position as a store of value, and with Wall Street coming into the picture, its position will only be solidified as an alternative to gold. In the smart contracts market, Ethereum (ETH) has already attained dominance, and with the enterprise Ethereum alliance in place, chances are that most big corporations looking to build Dapps will turn to Ethereum. The EEA has companies like JP Morgan as members, and we have already seen their CEO becoming more bullish on blockchain-based apps, which means they will most likely build on Ethereum.

As such, very few platform blockchains will remain relevant once Ethereum solidifies its dominance. The same goes for Litecoin (LTC) in the payments market, where its adoption in business is more visible than most other payment cryptos, thereby threatening to drive them into obsolescence. We can say the same for several other cryptos that are gaining dominance in different industries. Basically, the future favors the dominant players.

So where does Digibyte (DGB) fit in this whole equation? Well, while most people think of Digibyte as the perfect cypto for payments, DGB is angling for dominance in a different market, and that’s digital security. Digibyte’s security capabilities are unrivalled in crypto space. Digibyte’s; DigiShield is used to secure more than 10 cryptocurrencies. That alone goes to show that Digibyte security is trusted and respected in the crypto community.

On top of that, Jared Tate has recently stated that Digibyte aims to secure IoT devices, as AI increasingly gains dominance in everyday tech-driven devices.  With IoT projected to go big in coming years, it follows that Digibyte will emerge as a dominant decentralized cyber security player.  This automatically gives Digibyte (DGB) a huge intrinsic value that transcends any short-term price fluctuations, like those currently being experienced in the market.

As such, we can deduce that in case of a crypto apocalypse where the weak projects go to zero, Digibyte (DGB) will be one of the few that will consolidate their positions in the market.  It also means that value investor would reap huge returns in the long-run, by getting into Digibyte at current prices.  The volatility being experienced in the short-term will be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, when Digibyte will be securing every IoT device on the planet. At that point, Digibyte could easily be worth hundreds, if not thousands of times, what it is worth today.

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