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Starbucks will not accept Bitcoin or other altcoin for coffee

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As it was published on the news platform Motherboard on July 3rd, the coffee enterprise Starbucks has claimed and clarified the fact that the company will not be accepting Bitcoin or any other altcoin, as valid payment for services and products they sell locally and online, being a measure that had to be taken by Starbucks due to the fake reports about this possibility in different media.

Fake reports and news involving Starbucks and cryptos

Starbucks as business leader in coffee-related products and services has published an official report, where it says clearly about the impossibility at present time of accepting Bitcoin and other alternative coins as payment method, after plenty of news platforms and media even with recognized reputation posted about that possibility two days ago.

On Friday, August 3rd the NYSE or New York Stock Market, as well as the ICE or Intercontinental Exchange announced conjoined plans to create an “innovative and global ecosystem for digital assets and cryptocurrencies”, being called with the name of “Bakk”. Such project involves great technological and relevant companies like BCG, Microsoft and Starbucks.

Like this, due to this announcement several main news media and others published mistaken or even fake and without source reports on the direct partnership between Starbucks and Microsoft, as well as the new current possibility to pay moccas, frappuchinos and other products from the company by paying with Bitcoin and other altcoins.

So, as a Starbucks representative clarified the information on news media like Motherboard, it was said clearly that “customers will not be able to allow to pay with Bitcoin or any other altcoin”.

Also, the representative highlighted that the coffee company is involved in a great scale financial project that along with other enterprises, it will allow to create an innovative platform to “exchange digital currencies into American dollars, which obviously can be spent in Starbucks as the customer likes”.

Source: www.coininsider.com

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