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XEEDA Bitcoin & Altcoin Smartphone Hardware Wallet App & ShapeShift Form Alliance For Instant Crypto Asset …

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The XEEDA-ShapeShift alliance was announced today, June 5th, 2018, in the hopes of integrating ShapeShift onto XEEDA’s hardware wallet.

Ultimately, the two parties believe that, through the efforts made, crypto investors will be able to trade and store digital assets right from their smartphones, in a worry-free manner.

XEEDA is a bitcoin and altcoin crypto hardware wallet and app that offers an efficient and convenient way of accessing and managing digital assets from a smartphone, a goal that has been greatly emphasized since its start. With plans of combining ShapeShift, a digital asset exchange that supports both bitcoin and altcoins, the entire trading process will be made simple, while increasing user adoption.

CEO of XEEDA, Kevin Maloney, seems to be ecstatic about the partnership as he believes that ShapeShift’s purpose goes hand in hand with what XEEDA will be working on. To put things in his perspective,

“We are incredibly excited to integrate XEEDA wallet with ShapeShift,” said Kevin Maloney, CEO of Xeeda. “Internet usage and the global economy are increasingly driven by communications and transactions via smartphones. The collaboration with ShapeShift supports our vision to accelerate digital currency adoption by creating a convenient and secure platform for crypto communities that require direct mobile access. Xeeda is focused on providing secure access to digital currency markets through ease-of-use and mobility using our hardware wallet and integrated app.”

Here is a quick look at how to optimize the benefits of the hardware wallet:

  1. Download the XEEDA app onto either iOS or Android Devices
  2. Attach hardware wallet into the smartphone
  3. Create the master seed, which should be stored securely
  4. Set a pin and enter into the XEEDA app upon scanning your fingerprint

Through the app, users will not only be able to trade assets, but also administer them as quickly as possible. To prevent any random entrance into the app, biometric scanners have been added.

As a limited time offer, the XEEDA hardware wallet will be offered at approximately $119, a reduced price from its original $199, for the first 1000 customers who pre-order them. The distribution process will only commence sometime between September and December 2018.

What do you guys think? Does Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey have new competition in the race for creating the best hardware wallets for storing bitcoin and crypto-assets safely?

For more information, go to: https://order.xeeda.io

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