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Deal Gone Wrong, Bitcoin Miner Shot in Taiwan

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The shooting happened at Longhua Hall, a prominent club in New Taipei City known as an artistic hub for up-and-coming artists. Shots were fired by Gao Qitang and Chen Yumin, at their Bitcoin mining partner, Wu Nan, because he was unable to meet their required payments.

Two People Injured in Shooting

On April 14, a freelance Bitcoin miner was shot by gang members Gao Qitang and Chen Yumin. Initial reports detail a fight between the two parties at the luxurious club’s staircase where four people allegedly got out of a car and fired seven shots.


The police initially were puzzled with what happened, as all suspects had scattered by the time they arrived. However, the two suspects decided to turn themselves in about 7 hours later, while authorities interrogated Wu Nan and one other victim at the New Taipei Hospital.

Qitang and Yumin had contracted Nan to mine Bitcoin for their group. However, the mining site was located in China, not Taiwan. Nan tried to blame the Chinese anti-cryptocurrency regulations for not making their payment deadlines. However, the two criminals dismissed his excuse and decided to shoot him anyway.

Two in Custody, Two Others Missing

The shots were fired on April 14, around 7 p.m. local time. When authorities found Nan, he was carrying two mobile phones which helped the Police establish a connection with the two suspects. Fearing harsher repercussions if they were found, the two men may have decided to turn themselves in to ease their punishment.

Although authorities have them in custody, two other suspects continue to be on the run — Jiang Junying and Tang Zhengyu. The Haishan Branch Investigation Team suspects the four individuals are part of a gang in the Danshui District.

Reports say the gang paid around $1.6 million to Nan to mine Bitcoin. However, due to China’s strict control, Nan was never able to mine the agreed amount within the given time-frame. Unhappy with the produced results, Qitang and Yumin fired shots with a Beretta and a Taurus pistols.

Not The Only Bitcoin Shooting

On April 16 in Downtown Miami, Ryan Rice was arrested by local authorities. Rice and an unnamed individual planned to get $35,000 worth of Bitcoin through an alleged dealer of the cryptocurrency.

The pair met the Bitcoin dealer and a man named Marcarrous Clark at a nearby Whole Foods store. Clark took them to a garage where he tried to steal the money and run for it. Rice warned him he was armed, and he would open fire, but Clark charged in regardless. Rice then pulled out his gun and shot him.

Police decided not to press charges as they concluded Rice’s actions were in self-defense.

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