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Bitcoin pump sees altcoins gain in USD, who were the best gainers? – Chepicap

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Bitcoins massive pump today which saw it clear $5,000 on certain exchanges, caused a massive pump across the entire market. A $20 billion market cap increase during the same time saw many people picking up altcoins which had seen a significant decline in BTC pricing compared to USD pricing. 

While the price of BTC going up can drastically affect altcoins, the USD value continued to climb with bitcoin. We look at some of the best USD gainers from todays pump.

In terms of being up in USD, BTC and ETH, the top gainer saw IOST climb 22.71% in USD value, as well as over 8% in BTC value at time of writing. The curently ranked 47 coin, also had the most trading volume in terms of top gainers with an impressive $86.6 million in daily volume. 

Most surprising to see in the best gainers is the meme project, Dogecoin (DOGE). The now top 25 ranked coin saw a 20.75% increase in USD as well as a 6.88% increase in price to BTC. Not bad for a coin with absolutely no real use case or purpose, other than being a meme. 

Engima (ENG) climbed back into the top 100 with a 18.84% surge in USD price while also managing to hold a 5% gain on BTC price. 

In terms of best USD gainer, the winner will have to go to the undisputed king that is BTC. Bitcoin surged over $900 at its peak to break $5,000 before seeing a retrace around currently price levels of $4,650. The double figure gains on BTC are something rarely seen lately and come as a huge surprise to most of the market. Could bitcoins price movement be the catalyst for the next altcoin season? 

Overall, the top 10 coins all saw great gains in USD on the day, with BTC taking the spotlight. Ethereum broke a key mark of $150, while BNB broke into the $18 area. No coin in the top ten, exluding USDT saw gains in USD that were less than 5%

The signs are all pointing to momentum pushing towards a more bullish market sentiment, following what has been the longest bear market in history. Perhaps 2019 will be the year when things start to turn around for investors. 

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