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More Blockchain Jobs Found in US Than Anywhere in the World – CryptoManiaks

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In order to create the report, The Next Web conducted extensive research using Glassdoor, a popular job and recruiting website. After searching through all job listings that contained the term “blockchain”, they found that there were approximately 5,700 blockchain jobs listed around the world and that the U.S. provided nearly half of the blockchain-based jobs with around 2,600 offers. The U.S. was followed by the United Kingdom with 1,015 jobs and India with 257 vacancies.

Out of all of the positions found on Glassdoor, the most common position was found to be “Blockchain Engineer”. The second most popular job listing was “Senior Software Engineer” and the third most popular ended up being “Blockchain Developer”.

Surprisingly enough, many of the blockchain-related job openings were not posted from big name companies that were closely related to cryptocurrencies. Major companies like IBM, Ernst & Young, and Oracle created the bulk of blockchain-related job postings found on the website. The only companies that were related to cryptocurrencies that also fell into the top ten job posters were Foris Limited, Crypto.com, and Wirex. While they didn’t fall into the top ten, companies Ripple and ConsenSys, which are both blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, had also posted jobs on Glassdoor.

According to another report published by the recruitment company Hired, the demand for engineers in the blockchain space has currently increased by 517 percent year-over-year. The most global demand is currently for blockchain engineers while security engineers and embedded engineers take second and third place, experiencing 132 percent growth and 76 percent growth, respectively.

While the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are still in their infancies, these growth statistics show promise as bigger companies seek to start their own crypto projects.

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