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Coinbase and BlockFi are two of the preferred crypto exchanges. Even if you happen to’re new to crypto, you’ve most likely heard of each gamers, that are heavy hitters within the business.

Coinbase is a publicly traded firm that provides varied crypto companies, from buying and selling to interest-bearing accounts. BlockFi is a non-public agency whose companies additionally lengthen past the fundamentals.

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at how these well-known crypto exchanges evaluate.

BlockFi vs. Coinbase: Similarities

With greater than 150 cryptos to select from, Coinbase has a considerably bigger providing. BlockFi solely affords about 40 cash to commerce globally and solely 15 within the U.S.

Crypto Wallets

Many crypto exchanges supply their very own on-line scorching crypto wallets. Each Coinbase and Blockfi supply their customers scorching pockets choices.

If customers need to transfer their crypto offline into a chilly pockets, they’ll have to supply considered one of their very own. It’s normally beneficial that you simply retailer their cash offline for higher safety.

Crypto Rewards Playing cards and Loans

Crypto reward playing cards are much like conventional rewards playing cards, the one distinction being that the customers’ rewards are returned to them in cryptocurrency.

BlockFi and Coinbase supply qualifying buyer loans and rewards playing cards. In fact, every card has sure restrictions. The BlockFi rewards debit card isn’t obtainable to residents of New York State, and Hawaiian residents can’t entry the Coinbase card.

With crypto loans, the amount of cash a buyer can borrow depends upon the quantity of crypto of their account that they will use for collateral.


Safety is all the time an vital problem for crypto exchanges. Sadly, each BlockFi and Coinbase have been topic to important safety breaches.

In March 2022, a knowledge breach at Hubspot granted hackers entry to BlockFi buyer information. This problem was separate from a BlockFi safety breach in 2020 brought on by a compromised worker SIM card. BlockFi employed a brand new chief safety officer following the 2020 incident.

In July 2021, Coinbase revealed that 6,000 customers have been hacked between March 2021 and Could 2021. Hackers spoofed facets of the corporate’s two-factor authentication system, and a few prospects misplaced funds from their accounts.

Coinbase said that they reimbursed prospects for his or her misplaced cryptocurrency and stuck the flaw.

BlockFi vs. Coinbase: Variations

Customers will need to make sure the platform they select is obtainable of their nation and area. BlockFi is unavailable to U.S. residents in New Mexico, New York, Vermont, and West Virginia. The one U.S. state the place Coinbase is at present unavailable in Hawaii.

Cryptocurrency Choice

Coinbase affords greater than 150 cash, which suggests most cash that anyone may need to commerce will most likely be there.

U.S. BlockFi customers solely have entry to fifteen cash. In the event you’re wanting past Bitcoin and a few of the hottest altcoins, you might not discover them on BlockFi.

Buying and selling Charges

Coinbase has larger buying and selling charges than many comparable cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase’s charges can run greater than different giant exchanges like KuCoin or Binance.US.

On Coinbase’s easy buying and selling platform, customers pay a variety charge on every commerce along with the common buying and selling charges for makers and takers.

These charges are calculated when the order is made, they usually can fluctuate relying on a number of elements equivalent to location, fee technique and commerce dimension. They’re included to lock within the commerce price earlier than the dealer decides.

On Coinbase’s superior buying and selling platform, charges begin at 0.4% for makers and 0.6% for takers. That’s for merchants with lower than $10,000 in buying and selling quantity over the previous 30 days. Within the subsequent pricing tier, buying and selling $10,000 to $50,000 inside 30 days, the maker and taker charges are 0.25% and 0.4%, respectively.

Commerce charges on BlockFi are a bit nebulous. The change makes use of a variety charge construction for trades, and these variable charges are added to trades to cowl the market worth of cash sourced from third events. This charge is priced on the time of buying and selling, however for BlockFi customers, it’s normally as much as 1%.

As well as, BlockFi prices withdrawal charges for many cryptos. For BTC, customers can anticipate to pay 0.00025 BTC for every withdrawal, and for ETH, customers can anticipate to pay 0.0135 ETH per withdrawal.

Some cash, nevertheless, can’t be withdrawn from BlockFi’s platform to a person’s pockets. These embrace Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Algorand (ALGO).

Coinbase doesn’t have these restrictions. In addition they don’t cost withdrawal charges for sure digital withdrawals (e.g., ACH) made by means of the Coinbase app. Nonetheless, they’ll cost community charges for wallet-to-wallet ship.

Different Options

For extra superior merchants, Coinbase affords staking and margin trading. BlockF doesn’t supply both of those superior buying and selling options.

As well as, BlockFi doesn’t supply buying and selling pairs in fiat currencies. This implies all money on the platform have to be transformed to stablecoins like USDC or Gemini {Dollars} (GUSD), earlier than buying and selling can happen. Coinbase doesn’t have this problem.

Lastly, Coinbase affords restricted buying and selling in derivatives aside from cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). BlockFi solely affords buying and selling in a small variety of cryptocurrencies.

Characteristic BlockFi Coinbase
Tradable Cash 40+ (15 within the U.S.) 150+
Superior Buying and selling Platform No Sure
Crypto Staking No Sure
Crypto Pockets(s) Sure Sure

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Who Ought to Decide BlockFi?

Many crypto merchants will discover one thing of worth on BlockFi. Nonetheless, given the platform’s restricted number of cryptocurrencies and lack of superior buying and selling options, starting merchants are most likely one of the best candidates for BlockFi.

BlockFi prospects want to concentrate on the corporate’s unfold charges of as much as round 1%, and their withdrawal charges can add extra pricing to many transactions.

As well as, though not all cryptocurrencies may be withdrawn to a non-public pockets, the BlockFi Pockets function does make managing cryptocurrencies on the platform comparatively simple.

Lastly, BlockFi’s Rewards Visa Signature Card will help customers add extra wealth to their accounts.

BlockFi Execs:

  • Affords buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different main cryptos
  • Rewards obtainable by means of BlockFi’s Rewards Visa Signature Card

BlockFi Cons:

  • Staking is unavailable.
  • Buying and selling pairs aren’t obtainable in fiat foreign money

Who Ought to Decide Coinbase

From newcomers to superior crypto lovers, nearly anyone can respect how simple it’s to purchase and promote cryptocurrency on Coinbase. However many more moderen customers could not notice there’s a substitute for Coinbase’s excessive charges.

As any investor is aware of, buying and selling charges can shortly add up. Nonetheless, there’s nonetheless lots to love about Coinbase. It affords a bunch of cryptocurrencies for buying and selling. Many superior buying and selling options customers search, equivalent to restrict and cease orders. Customers may also stake Algorand, Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum, Tezos (XTZ) and Cardano (ADA).

As well as, Coinbase affords customers strong safety and safety for his or her crypto property. In reality, with an AAA safety score, Coinbase is at present ranked among the many high 10 most safe cryptocurrency exchanges on the security-rating platform CER.dwell.

Coinbase Execs:

  • A wide array of cryptocurrencies
  • High-notch safety
  • Affords margin buying and selling

Coinbase Cons:

  • A better charge construction than opponents
  • A restricted variety of cash obtainable for staking.

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