January 18, 2022

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Bumble Bee, Cargill make Forbes Blockchain 50 – IntraFish

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@media only print
body *
display : block;
-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact;
color-adjust: exact;

body script,
body style,
.intrafish .main_header,
.intrafish .advertisement,
.intrafish .header_logo,
.intrafish #related_news,
.intrafish #related-article_column,
.intrafish .article_list_container,
.intrafish .share_article,
.intrafish .jobs,
.intrafish .sticky-container,
.intrafish .newsletter_promo,
.intrafish #newsletter_bottom,
.intrafish #article_section_column,
.intrafish .footer,
.intrafish #more_on_this_story_column,
.intrafish .more-on-this-story
display : none !important;

.intrafish section[role=main],
.intrafish .full_story,
.intrafish .full_story .wrap,
.intrafish .row,
.intrafish .article_top,
.intrafish .article_top .col-sm-9, .intrafish .article_top .col-sm-9 *,
.intrafish .center_column,
.intrafish .center_column .col-sm-8,
.intrafish .byline_elements,
.intrafish .byline_elements .author,
.intrafish body,
.intrafish body *
display: block;
width: 100%;
float: none;
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 0;
margin-left: 0;
margin-right: 0;

.intrafish .byline_elements none,
.intrafish .byline_elements .timestamps,
.intrafish .byline_elements .updated_timestamp,
.intrafish .byline_elements .timestamp,
.intrafish .byline_elements .author,
.intrafish .byline_elements .author *,
.intrafish .byline_elements .author_profile,
.intrafish .byline_elements .author_profile *,
.intrafish body strong,
.intrafish ody b,
.intrafish body i,
.intrafish body em,
.intrafish body strike,
.intrafish body u,
.intrafish body a
display: inline;

.intrafish body table
display: table;

.intrafish body tr
display: table-row;

.intrafish body td,
.intrafish body th
display: table-cell

.intrafish .article_top .col-sm-9 .row .unite_photo_gallery,
.intrafish .article_top .col-sm-9 script,
.intrafish body script,
.intrafish .full_story a[href]:after
display: none !important;

.intrafish .full_story div[class*=’inlineElement-‘],
.intrafish .full_story div[class*=’inlineElement-‘] .quote display: block;
background-color: #f7f7f7 !important;

.intrafish .full_story div[class*=’inlineElement-‘] *
display: block;
border: none;

.intrafish .full_story div.inlineElement-smartembed
display: none !important;

.intrafish .full_story .inlineElement-quotation .quote::before
color: #bfbfbf !important;

.intrafish .full_story div.inlineElement-quotation .author
float: right !important;
width: auto !important;

.intrafish .body
margin-top: 12px;

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.intrafish .advertisement
text-align: center;

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