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Ripple (XRP) or TRON (TRX)? Who Gets Listed on Coinbase?

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Ripple (XRP) and TRON (TRX) enthusiasts have been kept in suspense for a long time on the issue of Coinbase listing.  The hopes keep getting stronger every day. Getting Coinbase listing nod or any other exchange of repute creates investor confidence and a run up to being accepted globally.

Any coin or token that gets Coinbase nod is seen as an instant hit in the crypto-sphere. Speculation of these two digital coin market players continues to hit the headlines and it is time we looked at which gets listed on Coinbase first and reasons behind it.

Why Coinbase for Ripple (XRP) and TRON (TRX)?

Coinbase is a global outfit and is a brand that has stood the test of the time. It has the mass confidence, trusted. More importantly, Coinbase is a volume mover and at the same time focuses on the profit segment. Like any other business, both parties should come together for a profitable venture.

Coinbase is looking at the future potential of individual coin and token. If a coin can bring in volumes, it is likely to be listed. This is measures by the community behind it, the technology and the partners onboard. Coinbase has been expanding and globally in readiness for mass adoption and awareness building.

Ripple (XRP) and Coinbase War

Ripple attempts to attract Coinbase attention has been rejected on several occasions leaving the community dejected. However, rumor is that Coinbase fears are based on security concerns.  Secondly, Ripple is a centralized outfit which locks it out from the prestigious exchange.

XRP price has stuck below the $1 mark for long and unless the controls are lifted and let the coin burst, chances of getting a nod on Coinbase network is almost nil. Coinbase is currently strategizing on how to grow its trading volumes and stay profitable and Ripple does not fit in the matrix.

One of the easiest wins for Ripple to get noticed by Coinbase is decentralization. The Ripple Company has a lot of control over Ripple (XRP), the coin and the price is controlled by internal forces as opposed to the market forces. This limits the potential of the profits that the exchange anticipated to get from XRP listing.

TRON (TRX) Listing on Coinbase Issues

TRON (TRX) stands a better chance of getting listed on Coinbase compared to Ripple (ZRP). TRX volume and value growth is glaring. It also meets several parameters that Coinbase looks for when listing new coins. Secondly, the link between TRON and Feng Li can mean an easy TRX entry to Coinbase.

Feng Li has huge stakes in TRON and Coinbase and its investment portfolio may be used to influence the listing process. TRON expansion by opening an office in New York has been seen as a calculated move to getting listed on US based exchanges with Coinbase being the target.

According to TRON founder, Justin Sun, their new office in New York is part of their “pushing hard” strategy to get listed on US exchanges. The rumor might be confirmed after TRON MainNet launch. Remember TRON runs on Ethereum that has security issues like Ripple and the blockchain and token swap can be a game changer for TRX.

Is Ripple (XRP) and TRON (TRX) Wooing Coinbase?

Ripple (XRP) rumor on rebranding and splitting the company from the token could be a move to woo Coinbase into listing it soon. On the other hand, TRON ((TRX) launch of their MainNet and distancing themselves from Ethereum could be a technical move to get the exchange nod.

Whichever side you are, it is just a matter of time to see who gets the nod first. Coinbase seeks to remain the leading exchange provider while the two digital coin outfits want to get to the global market. By the end of it all, it is the investor and user who stand to benefit from the listing.

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