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How Cryptocurrency Is Wildly Creating Breakthrough New Business Models, But Not In The Way You Think

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Emin Gun Sirer, director of the Initiative For CryptoCurrencies & Contracts (IC3), speaks during the recent Token Summit in New York, U.S. The Token Summit explores the economics, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. Photographer: Alex Flynn/Bloomberg

The word cryptocurrency elicits strong emotions. The industry is rife with naysayers on one end of the spectrum such as JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon who issue sinister warnings and at the other end, evangelists such as Twitter/Square’s Jack Dorsey touting crypto’s massive, never-ending benefits.  Yet the crypto arena is becoming more than that which simply offers a new way to basically trade and exchange in a self-contained manner through a veritable labyrinth of scams and hacks or simple roads paid with pure gold.  No, this is about a disruptive application of crypto for practical business usage that is creating a complete paradigm shift that could boldly change the balance of power in many industries today.

Those in the creative space are starting to stake out territory as early adopters of using crypto as an actual means to a larger end rather than just amassing greater wealth through coins, themselves. These business minds are leveraging new technology to drive goals in the physical world. In other words, this is about taking the ethereal to create the material in ways that are unprecedented.

Indeed, when designer Malan Breton first began his thriving fashion business, he had no idea that he would later begin to leverage digital currency to actually take his work to the next level.

The Malan Breton line, which is already selling well in Harrod’s department store in London, says that it is now poised to become the first designer sportswear collection in the world to be sold with the ability to purchase through both credit cards and cryptocurrency.  This capability will be powered by Token Markets and offered exclusively via the social network for creative professionals, SohoMuse.com. The launch is scheduled to take place July 9, 2018.

Courtesy of SohoMuse

A Profile Page from SohoMuse

Here’s how it will work. Purchasers of the exclusive Lord Breton doll the company creates, already massively popular in Asia, will receive the MALAN token as a free gift. The token then will then grant exclusive access to meet Malan Breton, as well as access to his fashion shows, private sales/trunk shows and a 25 percent discounts on Malan Breton merchandise payable via credit cards or cryptocurrency.

Courtesy of Malan Breton

Lord Breton Doll

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