When you’re looking for the best way to make money online, cryptocurrency probably doesn’t come to mind. But it should. Cryptocurrency is one of the quickest developing advanced resources. Backed by the blockchain, they can be traded and offer multiple avenues for those who want to earn a high income online. There are multiple ways to make money with cryptocurrency, some of which require nothing to be invested other than time and effort. Today we are going to talk about the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency and even become rich.

 Best ways to make money with cryptocurrency

  1. Staking

Staking refers to the process of investing or locking your money in a cryptocurrency and earning new cryptocurrency in the form of interest. By holding the coin for a period of time, you also benefit from price appreciation. There are a number of proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies that allow you to earn a good income on your stake, including WISE, PIVX, Tezos, DASH, and NAV Coin. For example, WISE is an ERC-20 token, which allows you to earn a nice income from interest by locking your funds into a WISE contract. With WISE, you can earn up to 5% annual interest on your stake, in addition to regular bonus promotions. WISE staking is safe and low risk, and you can withdraw your interest at any time. WISE bets are safe, low-risk, and very flexible as you can withdraw your interest or liquidate your wager at any time.

  1. How to buy and HODLing

HODLing is the process of buying a strong cryptocurrency with a great concept and a good use case and holding it for a while in the hope that its price will rise significantly. When the price of the coin is high enough to make a good profit, you can sell it on the market. However, with HODLing, you do not earn interest on your money. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, and BNB are suitable for long-term investment and HODLing.

  1. Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is similar to stock trading, where you buy and sell token coins to earn interest. There are many exchanges where you can buy the cryptocurrency of your choice. You can then hold on to it for a while or sell it as soon as the price rises. There is also day trading for those who want to make a substantial profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the same day. Buy a cryptocurrency, wait for the price to rise, and then sell it for a profit.

  1. Investing

Investing is of course the easiest way to make money with cryptocurrencies. There are numerous ways to make money with cryptocurrencies, including exchanges, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and direct investment/partnerships. Investing in cryptocurrencies not only allows you to earn money through the rise in the price of the coins/tokens you buy but also through your investment in the project. Depending on the type of cryptocurrency you invest in, you may be able to gain access to the project/product or use the coins as payment.

  1. Bonus coins/tokens

Participating in bonus/airdrop offers is another great way to earn with cryptocurrency and you don’t even have to invest in anything. All you have to do to earn free/bonus coins is to join a cryptocurrency airdrop or bounty program and do some simple work. You can also earn bonus tokens by investing in cryptocurrencies during the ICO or token sale phase, as new projects often give bonus tokens to early investors.

  1. Referral

l Crypto referral programs are a very common and really good way to earn cryptocurrency. In most cases, you don’t need to invest anything in order to earn money by referring to projects. All you need to do is register on a website and get your own referral link and you can start earning money by referring. many cryptocurrencies, including WISE, offer good returns for referrals. with WISE, both the referrer and the referred person earn 10% of every successful bet through referrals. bonus tokens for every successful bet placed through referrals.

  1. Selling in cryptocurrencies

If you are a merchant and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ripple are allowed in your area, you can accept them in exchange for your goods and services. Cryptocurrencies are digital money and can be easily traded and used around the world without the need to convert them into other currencies. Therefore, you can accept any of the best currencies for easy and global transactions. There are a number of Bitcoin payment processors that allow you to integrate encrypted payment options into your offline/online store.

  1. Dividends

Cryptocurrency dividends are structured in much the same way as stock dividends. You can invest in a cryptocurrency with a dividend and earn a certain amount of interest on your investment. You need to buy and hold the cryptocurrency for the period of time you want to earn the interest. The best dividend cryptocurrencies that you can invest in with interest are BNB, NEXO, and others. Most of these coins do not require betting in order to earn interest.

  1. Work to earn cryptocurrency

As the popularity and prevalence of cryptocurrencies increases, more and more companies and others are using these digital coins to pay their employees’ salaries. Cryptocurrency payments are secure, low cost, and transparent. What’s more, it’s easy and convenient to pay remote/freelance workers in Bitcoin, rather than sending cash by other means. Whether you’re a developer, writer, or designer, there are plenty of international companies that would love to pay you in cryptocurrency for your work and services.

  1. Develop your own cryptocurrency

Last but not least, the best way to make money with cryptocurrency is to create your own. Yes, you can create your own cryptocurrency. And it’s not as scary as it sounds. However, in order to create and launch your own cryptocurrency, you will need to be an expert in some form of blockchain. You need to have a basic knowledge of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. You then need to evaluate the different possibilities and find the type of coin you want to create. Alternatively, you can hire a blockchain expert or team. Once your coin has been developed, you can start selling it through an ICO or an exchange. Of course, in the beginning, you will need to do a lot of promotion to let users know what your coin is and why they should invest in it.


It may seem risky at first, but it will be much more profitable in the long run. The risks of cryptocurrencies can be easily mitigated by research and diversifying your portfolio. These 10 ways to make money with cryptocurrencies have been tested over time and proven to deliver solid returns for cryptocurrency investors. Try them out.