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Quebec suspends Mining Power Requests while the cryptocurrency sector is flourishing

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Verge [XVG] had their first ever official meet up, cannot deny the fact that it is a pretty lavish one as seen through their live streams and flooded posts on social media. The team members had been giving out clues about something cooking behind the scenes. Even though there are no official hints or statements, someone from the inside has reported three new upcoming partnerships for Verge. The partnerships are still in the works and NDAs are in place until all aspects are settled.

Cees van Dam, an official member of the verge core team tweeted:

“1 yr ago, I joined the #xvg core team, never anybody could imagine the ride. Setting up the Social media presence, voting wars, fighting FUD, etc. We have had our ups and downs but we are still here, stonger than ever. Cherry on the cake, the first Verge meetup, enjoy :-)”

Verge team is definitely one of the most active and positive as seen through their activities on social media, always instilling hope despite a very rough ride especially in the past few weeks after “poor” reception of the Pornhub and Brazzers partnerships and DDOS attacks that incurred a loss of millions worth XVG. But, nothing stops them from spreading cheer and looking at the brighter side.

Verge released a statement about their new partnership that should be released soon. According to their post, they have engaged with RSKsmart – the “safest” smart contracts platform in the world, as they claim, and begun a dialogue and started the Testnet a week ago. No further information was revealed by either end.

Justin Vendetta from Verge stated:

“RSK is the most secure smart contract platform. We will be integrating them directly into Verge Currency.”

Neuralhax0r, a Redditor says:

“When Verge integrates RSK smart contracts it will become the first stealth, privacy-focused smart contract platform. We expect a token economy to thrive on XVG, and in anticipation of that we will make sure to keep tabs on RSK+XVG integration and will airdrop some SATURN XVG tokens to those who wish to participate in XVG token trading.”

Rjmcoin, a Twitterari says:

“What does that mean for the next 51% attack? Will someone be able to change contracts or just double spend XVG?”

Sturdy.cookie, a viewer tweeted:

“On todays meeting Justin told us he uploaded the necessary code to Ledgers github. So now it depends on Ledger to add Verge with their next update.”

Teslating says:

“Can you just respect the deadlines please ?”

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