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The Sacramento Kings are cryptocurrency miners now

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The Sacramento Kings have earned their first NBA title. Not on the court, mind you. Just in the board category of “teams whose employees you’d least want to talk to at a party”.

That’s because Kings are now officially mining cryptocurrency, which means the Kings officially have a stance on Bitcoin.

The team announced Wednesday it will install cryptocurrency mining machines at the Golden 1 Center to become the first major professional sports team in the country to shoehorn “blockchain” into every one of their press conferences. It’s for a good cause, however; the funds generated by the new venture — called MiningForGood — will go towards scholarship programs for local causes.

From the team’s official cryptocurrency-mining release, which is the most offseason thing to ever happen:

Today, the Sacramento Kings announced a new charitable program — MiningForGood — made possible by the advanced data center and tech infrastructure at Golden 1 Center, the world’s most technologically advanced and sustainable arena. Through a partnership with global cryptocurrency leader, MiningStore.com, the team will install cryptocurrency mining machines in the only Tier 4 data center in a professional sports arena. The Kings are the first team in the world to mine digital currency.

“Opportunity begins when technology allows the world to find innovative solutions to complex problems,” said Sacramento Kings owner and chairman Vivek Ranadivé. “Through MiningForGood, not only will we raise funds to help with workforce development and training, we aim to inspire the next generation of tinkerers and thinkers to create change in their own community and around the globe.”

It’s a logical progression from the team that was the first in the NBA to allow fans to pay for tickets with Bitcoin. The Kings’ won’t be mining the world’s most visible cryptocurrency, however. Instead, they’ll take aim at Ethereum, a “public, open-sourced blockchain-based platform.”

The NBA won’t be the first league to embrace cryptocurrency, however. The UFC earned some headlines when its Fight Pass service reportedly embedded a mining script that turned users laptops’ into coin-generating machines. An investigation led by the company found no evidence of the script in the days following the complaint.

On one hand, this is a great thing. The Kings have emerged as one of the NBA’s most socially-conscious franchises, and MiningForGood will help causes like the Build. Black. Coalition and other northern California agents of change. The addition of mining machines will build on the resources the team already has installed and help the Sacramento community.

On the other … man, the Kings just became the guy on your timeline who tweets about different cryptocurrencies every week and reply-tweets any remotely positive articles about the fluctuating price of coins with stuff like “b-but, but I thought Bitcoin was a bubble!!! ” Wednesday’s news is a guarantee owner Vivek Ranadive and/or the team’s official spokesmen make a non-ironic “to the moon!” quote within the next 12 months.

At least it’ll help distract from the fact Sacramento hasn’t won more than 35 games in a season in a decade.

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