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Bitcoin Investors, Here's 14 Simple Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency Tokens

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If you’re reading this guide, chances are that you’re looking to get free crypto tokens to add to your cryptocurrency portfolio. The good news is that there are tons of ways to do this, all of which are legit.

You just need to know where to get it, how and every other information that’s necessary to make it easy to get. That’s why we created this guide. As more people get into crypto investing or trading, there’s a growing demand for free tokens.

If this interests you, the tips outlined in this guide will surely help you get as many free tokens as possible.

We understand that money can be tight sometimes. But that shouldn’t stop you from gradually growing an enviable crypto portfolio. There are crypto founders and organizations that give away free cryptos every single month. You just need to know where to look to find them.

Before we jump right in, you should know that while you may not pay for the tokens, just know that some of these organizations or founders will require something of you before you can get the tokens.

So, when we say free tokens, we actually just mean tokens that don’t require any fiat exchange or investment to get them. We have listed the best ways to get free crypto tokens in this guide. We’ll suggest you read the entire thing, and then choose those tips that you’re most comfortable with.

The Total Guide to Getting Free Cryptocurrency Tokens

1. Setup Google Alerts

If you have not been using this tool, then you’re missing out on a whole bunch of opportunities. This is the absolute best and free tool that you’ll need to get as many free crypto tokens as possible.

Just go to Google.com/alerts, enter your preferred keyword phrases –in this case, “free [insert crypto name] tokens”- and enter an email that the alerts will be sent to. So, whenever there’s a mention of that particular cryptocurrency’s free token giveaway, you’ll get a notice in your inbox.

If you don’t follow any other tip in this guide, follow this. One thing to note though, avoid setting up a general “free cryptocurrency token” alerts if you don’t want your inbox flooded with tens of notifications every day. But, if you don’t mind combing through hundreds of emails every month, by all means carry on.

2. Take Advantage of Referrals and Affiliate Partnerships

Many cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer free cryptos in exchange for new referrals. All you have to do is invite people to the platform through a dedicated link that the exchange provides upon signing up, and you’ll get rewarded with those tokens when they meet a predefined requirement.

For many of these exchanges, it’s them simply funding and doing a couple of trades, and the exchange rewards you for getting them on board. This is a pretty easy and fast way to earn free crypto tokens.

Even better, the exchanges always make good on their promises and reward you. The only downside is they may only offer you their native tokens. If this is an issue, you can simply exchange the token with other more prominent tokens.

To find these cryptocurrency exchange affiliate programs, simply do a search for “crypto exchange affiliate programs” or “[insert crypto exchange’s name here] affiliate program”. For example, “Binance affiliate program” or “KuCoin affiliate program”.

3. Get Rewarded for Taking Action

Some crypto founders are often willing to give you some free crypto tokens in exchange for some favorable action like promoting, spreading the word about or hyping their coins.

Actions can be anything from sending a specific number of tweets about the coin or related information, getting a set number of retweets and so on. Non-technical actions that help grow the popularity of a token are called bounties.

You can find multiple bounty opportunities on platforms like https://bounty0x.io/. Some other actions include contributing to the crypto project by doing some coding for them, test running decentralized apps on specific platforms, and identifying potential bugs or security risks from the use of the project.

4. Take Advantage of Hard Forks

While this might require a bit of investment, it is totally worth it. Hard forks are essentially deviations from a base protocol. This usually results in the formation of an entirely new blockchain that may or may not be compatible with the old blockchain protocol.

Most times, both chains end up functioning well and running independent of each other. Participating in hard forks can be a great way to get free tokens –usually those of the new blockchain.

A good example of a hard fork incident that rewarded users is the creation of Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin. The former is a hard fork of the latter. Users were offered free BCH tokens equaling what they had in their bitcoin wallets, for trying out the new platform.

Other crypto founders often do the same –use it as a form of incentive- to encourage participants to try out the new platform or system. While these may come with some security risks, they are often worth it.

5. Benefit from Airdrops

When people refer to free money in crypto, this is often what they are talking about. To receive free crypto tokens, all you often have to do is hold a wallet that will get an airdrop.

Most crypto founders do the airdrop thing to help increase awareness or generate some buzz about their tokens. The idea behind airdrops is to get people to spread the word about the “free money” that they’re getting, thereby increasing the tokens popularity.

To be a beneficiary, you may have to request to get your share of the airdrop through a predetermined channel –for many crypto projects, it’s through social media, or connecting to a network.

Since these are promotional activities, you will often find that they are restricted to a certain timeframe. A good example of a wallet that frequently benefits from airdrops is MyEtherWallet.

Simply having a wallet there and meeting the crypto project’s requirements is enough for you to benefit. You’ll have to stay on top of current crypto news and information to know when to participate though.

6. Operate a Blockchain Masternode

While it’s not the same thing as crypto mining, being a masternode that helps verify and validate transactions can earn you some free tokens.

While you may not pay for the free tokens directly, it involves some sort of quid pro quo. You’ll have to exchange power –because of the masternode’s resource requirements- for the free tokens you get.

Most crypto projects routinely offer masternodes this incentive to keep them running seeing as they are crucial to the integrity and function of a network.

The only thing required of a masternode is to have a certain amount of that crypto’s tokens in order to qualify for that. So, while this may not be for beginners, intermediate and advanced users who already have a sizable portfolio can make even more money volunteering as masternodes.

7. Participate in Proof of Stake Crypto Projects

Consensus mechanisms are crucial to how crypto projects function. They determine the mode in which these projects validate and confirm transactions, as well as create new blocks to be added to the blockchain.

One of the more popular ones is known as the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol. Crypto projects running on this consensus mechanism often requires participants to hold their tokens as against trading or exchanging them.

Users are then rewarded with free tokens as well as other perks, based on prearranged agreements. The reason the network rewards users who hold their tokens is that keeping these tokens helps the blockchain stay stable and relevant.

The tokens are a way to pay you for your loyalty to the project. Rewards are usually based on wallet size, so bigger wallets or portfolios attract more “payouts” than smaller ones. A good example of a proof of stake token is NEO.

Participants are rewarded with extra tokens if they leave their tokens unspent or unexchanged. You can leave as much or as little as you want, it’s all your call.

8. Borrow Professional Traders Your Coins

This is somewhat risky, but if you can find legitimate professional crypto traders, you can lend them your tokens to use for trading, and they’ll pay you back at the appropriate time with a percentage return.

This is great for people who have some cryptos stored away in their cold wallets and are just sitting there. If it’s taking too long for your coins to appreciate in value, you can always do this, as it kind of guarantees returns on investment.

Traders who borrow these coins often use them for margin funding or trading. Lenders like you then get a percentage of the profits plus your premium whenever you want. This is quite easy and straightforward.

Just look for traders with a reputable organization –there are tons out there- lend them your tokens at a predefined interest rate –could be per month or every quarter, sit back and enjoy the proceeds.

9. Exchange and Trade

While all of the aforementioned tips involve passivity, this one doesn’t. It only requires you to actively trade and exchange your tokens. This means trading frequently, studying the market and generally being a day trader.

Many people don’t have the stomach for this or the knowledge. However, if you can learn and master how to trade, this is a surefire way to make extra coins. While it’s not free per se, whatever coins you make extra are added to your crypto portfolio.

10. Take Advantage of Free Token Promos

All the previous tips rely on your owning crypto tokens before you can get free tokens. However, there are ways to also earn these tokens without having owned any tokens previously.

One of these is by taking advantage of free coin promotions. These often require you to download a wallet that contains some free coins. You can download as many as possible, but on different devices.

This is usually common among newly launched crypto projects looking to grow their user base and attract more people to their project. Some of these projects can offer you free coins in exchange for downloading or creating new wallets.

It’s a win-win for all parties involved. The only caveat is you need to pay attention to the project type or the people behind it. As much as possible, stick with only reputable and verifiable projects as these are legit.

There are many other wallets designed to install malware on your computing device. The good news is there are loads of legit free token promos that you can partake of and earn some free coins.

11. Get Paid for Running Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Some crypto projects are currently beta testing their decentralized apps. This means that they are willing to give out free tokens to participants who elect to test their apps and push them to the limits.

This works in pretty much the same way as a regular software being released by a tech company. These companies invite you to download their apps, use and run them, and even push their app usage to the point of discovering bugs and flaws.

This way, the companies can fine tune the app and work out its kinks while getting it to the best possible state before public release. If you can’t be a dApp tester, you can always choose to review it in exchange for tokens as payment.

12. Join Crowdholding Projects

Crowdholding is simply the process of holding tokens for a company while it goes on to grow and expand. This usually involves lots of users volunteering to the hold the startup’s tokens, thus allowing them focus on product development, service rollout and so on.

Participants in crowdholding exercises are often rewarded with free tokens in return. Please note that crowdholding is often dependent on numbers for success.

If you can find a crowdholding pool –a group of folks who seek out crowdholding opportunities and go all in- or something similar, you’ll quickly grow your crypto portfolio.

13. Promote the Token

ICO and crypto project founders are often more than willing to pay people to promote their tokens. Only, instead of paying them with cash, they offer to pay the reviewers with their native tokens and coins.

This is an excellent way to build a crypto portfolio, particularly when you don’t have the money to invest in them. This opportunity is probably best for people with some sort of following online, or those who know how to get more eyeballs to the crypto project –aka web marketers.

14. Get Some Token Back While Shopping

Some companies are cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze by offering cashback –rather “tokenback”- rewards on purchases made with certain cryptocurrencies. They do this by offering shoppers coupons or having them install certain add-ons on their browser.

So, when they go shopping on some of these platforms, they get a certain discount or cashback reward. In other instances, the shopper will buy at full price, and the store will send them free tokens to their designated wallets after they complete their purchases.

If you’re shopaholic or someone who does a lot of online shopping, this can be a great way to earn some free coins.


We have outlined some of the best ways to get free tokens in this guide. If you utilize even half of the information here, you should be on your way to building a sizable crypto portfolio in short order.

However, you should know that this can quickly become a quicksand, with many being susceptible to crypto projects with malicious intent. These projects will offer you outrageous rewards just to get you to participate.

Be wary of these projects as they are most likely, cryptojacking or data mining scams. That said, you now have a great guide to free cryptocurrencies. Use it, and profit. Good luck.

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