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How to Earn Bitcoins For Free

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2018 – Opportunities in Bitcoin Earnings

There are many ways to acquire bitcoins in 2018. Most people buy them, but they can be earned. Some people even get them free. Of course, free bitcoins are usually just a few satoshi, nevertheless, this allows you to learn about the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Cryptocurrency job postings, faucets, and blockchain opportunities are becoming more common. 2018 is a year in which cryptocurrencies permeate social media. Its applications are being recognized by more people each day. Many of these are millennials, but it is anyone’s guess when the technology will breakout.

The key is when not if. Colleges are already offering cryptocurrency courses. Developers are foregoing conventional programming jobs for those in the crypto industry. All of this has fostered job opportunities in the market. Writers, instructors, social influencers, accountants, and human intelligence are all needed to spread an accurate representation of, and support, the rapidly growing crypto market.

How To Earn Bitcoins For Free

So how does one earn bitcoins? Well, this will depend upon your level of committed. Many individuals still view crypto as a hobby, but blockchains are a disruptive technology. A growing number of businesses have recognized the potential of blockchain technology. IBM, Oracle, Amazon, Google, governments, and industry associations are some of the major players making significant investments into their own blockchain projects.

For Professionals

If you are a programmer, then jump right into crypto. You will find many job boards looking for a variety of skills and talents. You can learn more about the technology through a growing number of courses, both at the professional and collegiate levels.

If you are not a programmer, but you want to make a professional commitment to cryptocurrencies and/or blockchain technology don’t fret. Just search for companies that are developing their own. If you are a writer, you are pretty much all set to go. There are many jobs available to good writers who can translate technical jargon between programmers, investors, and the general public.

For Part-time Work or as a Hobby

It takes a bit more searching than the examples mentioned above, but it is possible to find part-time work and/or get paid in bitcoins. There are actually a few services that will convert your paycheck into bitcoins.

As for part-time work, Bitcoin is one of the few blockchains with enough support to warrant a dedicated job board. There are a few legitimate crypto job boards out on the web. Be forewarned that their onboarding can seem a bit technical. With a bit of perseverance, you will begin to understand the nuances of conducting business on a blockchain.

Keep in mind that trading between cryptocurrencies is very common. So if you are set on obtaining bitcoins, you still have the option of earning another crypto to trade. Finally, if you want an easy way to get a few satoshi, then try faucets. Some Bitcoin faucets will even squeak out enough so you can complete your first transaction to your Bitcoin wallet.

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