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iComTech Bitcoin MLM Review: Real Daily ROI Crypto Earning Potential?

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iComTech Promises 0.9% and 2.8% daily ROI; Another Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

iComTech is another Ponzi Scheme that has appeared in the cryptocurrency market. The information has been provided by Behind MLM on October 14. According to the report, the iComTech website does not have any information related about who owns the business or where is located. At the same time, the iComTech website domain was registered back on July 19.

Behind MLM explains that the website appears to be a cookie-cutter theme. Apparently, the website’s source code makes reference to ‘The ICO Crypto Team.’ Additionally, there are some fictional executives listed in the default theme. In general, those scammers will try to fool people by adding stock photos and fake names.

Users should be very careful with websites and companies that do not provide open information about who is managing it and how they are planning to do it. Most of them tend to be scams and fake investment programs.

iComTech explains that it aims to promote and disseminate knowledge about Bitcoin:

“Our objective is to promote and disseminate knowledge about new information technologies based on decentralized ecosystems such as the Bitcoin.”

In this case, the company offers no retailable products or services. iComTech affiliates have to invest Bitcoin expecting to earn between 0.9% and 2.8% daily ROI. There are different compensation plans that range between $300 and $5000 dollars worth of Bitcoin. However, there is no specification about the ROI cap.

At the same time, the company says that it pays recruitment commissions to two different levels of recruitment. The first level will have 20% of invested funds. The level 2 will provide 3% of invested funds.

Furthermore, iComTech will be paying residual commissions using a binary compensation structure that places the affiliate at the top of the binary team and splits into two sides. These two sides split into two sides each of them, and so on.

These positions in the binary team are filled through direct and indirect referrals that join the platform, and there are no limits for it.

It is very easy for scammers nowadays to start a Ponzi scheme in just a few steps. And indeed, the platform has nothing to do with Bitcoin, instead, it aims at stealing users funds with a Ponzi scheme. And indeed, the company would not have to require funds from individuals if they are able to generate between 0.9% and 2.8% returns per day.

This is clear, iComTech works and sustains itself only with the investment brougth by new users. And in this way, the company pays existing affiliates ROI. With the additional pyramid layer, there are more interested individuals in the platform, increasing the returns for the scammers but not for users.

In the future, the iComTech will collapse. Investors will not be able to have their funds back and they will end up losing money.

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