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Tech Giant GMO Rolls Out A Mobile App That Enables Gamers To Earn Bitcoin

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On Thursday, GMO Internet Group announced that it was rolling out a new app referred to as CryptoChips which will allow users to earn Bitcoin by playing games. According to the company the application will initially be mounted with a real-time territorial battle game also developed by GMO called Whimsical War.

Players can play the game on either an iOS or Android device. The rewarding will kick off in August and will be based on the player’s rating.

We will distribute Bitcoin in accordance with player rankings in the game starting in August 2018,

– Read part of the statement. Players will receive cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game – like a “secret pocket money” – depending on the players’ rankings or when players have achieved missions or acquired items.

Instead of using on-device mining to gain Bitcoin, players will get their Bitcoin rewards directly from GMO. in December 2017, the tech company started its own Bitcoin mining operations and has set its eyes to starting its cloud mining service in August.

Creation of Crypto Awareness

The tech giant said that the aim of the new app is to enhance public awareness in regards to cryptos. The announcement says that users will need their own digital wallets to receive and utilize the Bitcoin earned. This means that the public will generate interest in knowing what is Bitcoin and how they can use the coins earned.

GMO says that its optimistic that in the near future it will enlist more cryptos within the app. The company also plans to mount more games in the future. The company says,

We will also get the competitors’ game titles on board in the future,

According to CoinDesk the announcement of the new app comes few days after the company said that it was launching the first 7nm Bitcoin mining chip in the world. The company said that it aims to start the shipment of the chip in October 2018.

GMO Internet Group says that cryptocurrency business is one of its core business. Following the launch of crypto exchange platform in May 2017 and cryptocurrency mining business in December 2017, the firm came up with a policy of paying part its partners salaries using Bitcoin from February 2018. The launching of CryptoChips is an effort by the firm to expand its crypto business.

The new app aims at not only making cryptos familiar with the public but also enhancing the firm’s Whimsical War game. The launching is tactical strategy by the company as it will gain in many facets. Once the players are familiar with the cryptos, it will be easy for the firm to lure them to their trading platform and at the same time inviting them to play future games by the firm to earn more cryptos.

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What do you think about GMO’s latest mobile app? Will it help create crypto awareness among the public? Share with us in the comments section.     

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