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P2PS is a one of a kind platform in itself and is 100% secure and an interference free communications system. If you have recently heard about this platform and do not understand what exactly it is about and whether or not you should try it out and also if it fits your requirements or not, this is a good place to get started. Moreover, you might not want it for yourself but having some knowledge about it would most definitely help and is of no harm.

1. The P2PS platform runs on a digital currency which is an Ethereum based digital currency token and this completely complies with the ERC20 guidelines. The de facto highly popular standard and platform for digital asset tokens on the secure blockchain.

2. The P2PS platform serves as a gateway for you to make several transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free peer to peer platforms that are used for communications. These platforms are already being used in the government, defense, digital education, delivery, banking, finance, pharmacy, medical, and many many more corporate and public sectors.

3. On February 16, 2010, the incorporation of Innovative Solutions International took place. It was first incorporated as just a Limited Liability Company or LLC and it was only till later when it was converted into a corporation. December 15, 2017 saw the first phase of the ICO of P2PS and by February 28, 2018, this ICO Phase 1 ended.

4. The P2PS ICO is now live and the aim of this ICO is to bring to its clients and customers a system through which they can make exchanges of confidential digital assets and or or files. The added advantage is that they can make these exchanges with virtually no interference from any sort of third party or trusted middle party. And to make things more interesting, this interference cannot be done by the administrator themselves. It is now a fully functional product and has no comparable substitutes, alternatives or parallels even on a global level.

5. This is a wonderful platform for anyone who has the need to secure their data and information and exchange classified or digital data which includes any kind of private data or information, or someone’s medical records or some highly classified and sensitive government files, or someone’s banking statements and data. There is virtually no other platform other than the P2PS platform which can provides its users with such a service and functionality.

6. When you decide to buy a P2PS token, you are basically helping this platform to grow and become more and more popular in the entire economic ecosystem for an interference free platform of communication. This ecosystem has processing speeds for transactions and exchanges way higher than any other ecosystem available in the market right now. They also keep an everlasting record of transactions. All such interactions, processes, and exchanges are very much secure and efficient when done via this P2PS platform.

7. Buying P2PS tokens does not mean that you are investing in a company nor are you buying such a company or holding your shares in it. You are simply throttling the growth of the P2PS platform and are doing your part in establishing such a secure and interference free communication system.

8. The transaction value accommodated by the P2PS platform and the volume of purchase of these P2PS tokens are directly related to each other. As and when the volume of its purchases increases, the value of the circulating P2PS in active market floors would increase too. As and when this value keeps increasing, more and more traders, investors and other clients and users would get attracted towards this platform and would want to be a part of the entire P2PS ecosystem.

9. The entire P2PS platform is KYC compliant and started on April 2, 2018. Currently there are a total of 50,000,000 P2PS tokens available for sale and the acceptable digital currencies include Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The current token exchange rate stands at about 250 P2PS = 1 ETH / 0.06 BTC / 6 LTC. There is also a limit on the minimum transaction amount which is 50 P2PS tokens.

10. If you wish to be a part of this P2PS platform, you can buy the P2PS tokens directly or via Bestrate using any of the over 80 digital currencies available in the digital world and also using your other fiat currencies which include Dollars, Euros, Pounds etc. This provides a lot of flexibility in your options when you are looking to buy these P2PS tokens.

11. Because there are several merchants, investors, clients, market providers and and service providers who are getting more and more involved with the entire P2PS ecosystem, its value is definitely going to be rising in the distant future.

12. The entire P2PS platform is multilingual since it has the option to be used in several languages including English, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Greek, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Filipino, and Arabic. It is also very graceful and nimble and is very user friendly and even user intuitive.

13. The P2PS team is a highly driven and motivated team working towards the aim of making a significant difference and revolution in the decentralized systems world on a global level.

14. They are highly concerned about how data cannot be currently transferred between two points without any third person getting involved in it or getting their hands at it. P2PS aims to solve this issue.

15. There are numerous big names supporting this cause and this company including Oracle, Blockchain, Microsoft, Ethereum, Java and many more thus making it a very credible entity.

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