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Ethereum [ETH]: $6 million worth of Ether aggregated into 53rd richest wallet address ahead of hardfork – AMBCrypto News

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On February 17, 2019, a total of 41,905 Ether was transferred from a wallet to multiple wallets which were aggregated to a single wallet, making it the 53rd richest wallet. This transfer could be in preparation for the impending hardfork for Ethereum, which is right around the corner.

Ethereum’s hardfork is something that has been debated, discussed and tweeted about as it is the most awaited upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain, which will try to solve the long-standing problems it has been facing. The hardfork, however, has been postponed two times and it is finally set to happen, hopefully, by the end of February.

The wallet, 0x675a67b5deb3da888262338f17cdf342698e8d95 sent a total of 41,904.999643 Ether worth $5,848,261.75 [at press time] to 0x60d0cc2ae15859f69bf74dadb8ae3bd58434976b.

The transaction which took place 17 hours ago [February 17, 2019, 04:21 UTC] cost only $0.02 [0.0001155 Ether] with a gas of 21,000. The transaction moved from the receiving wallet to two more wallets and ended up in wallet [0x07C62A47eBe0fa853Bb83375e488896CE71266Df], which is currently the 53rd richest wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Source: Etherscan.io

The said wallet has a total of 184,132.66 Ether, which worth in excess of $25.54 million. Alternatively, it is equivalent to 6910.70 BTC or 82,493.5306 XRP.

Moreover, the sender of the wallet had more Ether received than it actually sent to the final receiver of the wallet. The sender received a total of 46,585 Ether [$6,470,317.26] from 0x60d0cc2ae15859f69bf74dadb8ae3bd58434976b. Like the above transaction, all the transactions received by this wallet were distributed to different wallets in different amounts.

Furthermore, Ethereum saw a drastic increase in its prices on February 18, 2019, up to 12%, with the price reaching as high as $142. Ethereum has returned to its rightful place, the second-biggest cryptocurrency [in terms of market cap].

The disparity between XRP and Ethereum’s market cap has been growing slowly, but steadily, ever since Ethereum overtook XRP. The current market cap of ETH at the time of writing was $14.52 billion. Some of this rise could be attributed to the addition of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s liquid indices by NASDAQ.

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