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BANKEX Scan Offers Ethereum Blockchain Explorer for Android

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BANKEX has created BANKEX Scan — an explorer that can be used to search and check Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20 token balances and transactions.

BANKEX Scan has an intuitive interface and easy navigation as its main aim is to provide a convenient tool for both crypto newcomers and crypto geeks. Currently, the service offers all basic Etherscan functions, while the company will provide additional features gradually, after getting feedback from users. BANKEX experienced designers did their best to create BANKEX scan’s user-friendly interface. The company launched a mobile app for scanning and displaying ERC-721 token balances during its first month in operation.

BANKEX Scan functionality

BANKEX Scan facilitates the search and check of ETH and token transactions. Its sleek interface and easy navigation will suit the taste and needs of both professional cryptocurrency users and those who are new to the blockchain world.  BANKEX Scan offers the same features as Etherscan plus the option to scan and display balances of the ERC-721 token. Apart from that, BANKEX Scan is now available for Android users, and provides a convenient tool for smartphone and tablet owners.

BANKEX Scan can search transaction by address, TxHash, or block number. The search results contain all transaction details, including ETH volume, fees, block number, addresses of sender and recipient, the transaction time, and whether it was successful or not.

Users can find a detailed explanation for cryptocurrency terms and issues on BANKEX Scan’s regularly updated FAQ tab, which makes the service all the more useful. This feature will help new crypto users and veterans alike as it contains both simple and more advanced notions.

BANKEX Scan can be accessed here.

BANKEX Scan for Android

BANKEX Scan app for Android is developed for those who prefer to scan transactions on their smartphone or tablet. The app has the same functionality as the web version of the service, and allows transaction details to be scanned and researched efficiently.

The app can be downloaded here.  

Development Plans

The BANKEX Scan team is working on an application for iOS devices that will be downloadable from the App Store. Apart from that, the team plans to upgrade the app filtering system, so that users can find transactions based on multiple identification parameters for more accurate search results. The information about ERC-721 tokens will be displayed separately from other transaction data.

BANKEX Scan will become a part of BANKEX Product Ecosystem, which also includes BANKEX Trust service for smart contract deals and agreements, Smart Justice service for blockchain dispute resolution, Custody, a cryptocurrency depository service and many others. Future versions of BANKEX Scan will contain additional transaction data from the BANKEX ecosystem such as whether a transaction has been subject to dispute resolution with Smart Justice.


BANKEX is a fintech company that runs a Proof-of-Asset Protocol with the aim to bring Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain together and foster the digitization, tokenization & exchange of traditional assets.

BANKEX`s ecosystem offers innovative IT solutions to close the gap between the blockchain sector and the traditional finance industry.

For detailed information visit https://bankex.com/en.

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