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Here Is How Zilliqa (ZIL) Is Slowly Becoming the Ethereum Killer

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We have entered a new era of blockchain technology where speed and low transaction costs matter. The Ethereum (ETH) platform can handle 25 transactions per second with some transactions costing as much as 100 Gwei (0.00000010 ETH) in the case of the Etheremon DApp. These high gas prices are making gameplay on the Etheremon DApp continually expensive for users. As a result, the team at Etheremon has moved its battles off-chain to deal with the rising fees and scalability issues. In-game assets are still kept on-chain and fully owned by users, but battles are off-chain for faster processing.

Etheremon is the first game opening an era of Game 3.0. It creates a world of Mons (Etheremons) where you can capture, train, transform and trade them with other players. The DApp combines blockchain and Virtual Reality technology to offer the said Game 3.0 experience that is on a whole new level from traditional gaming.

It is no wonder that the creators of Etheremon have decided to work with the team at Zilliqa to find a lasting long-term solution to gas prices as well as transaction speed. The current transactions per second on the Zilliqa network stands at 2,828 with only 6 ZIL shards and plans of expanding to more shards with the Mainnet. This means that battles on the Zilliqa powered Etheremon DApp will be faster, free. In addition to this, players will receive 2 free energy units per hour to play a Practice or Rank match.

The team at Zilliqa stated the following with regards to the new move to work with the creators of Etheremon:

“Gaming is viewed as one of the big potential applications for blockchain because it gives game developers the ability to directly incentivize gamers with rewards and also offers true ownership of in-game assets, even if the game were to be discontinued. We feel that games are a good fit for the Zilliqa platform because of our high throughput and low transaction costs.”

It is with this news of Etheremon planning to switch blockchain platforms form Ethereum’s to Zilliqa’s that we can conclude that the Zilliqa project is indeed the true Ethereum Killer. Tron (TRX) might also convince traditional Ethereum based applications to switch blockchains, but clearly, Zilliqa currently has the edge over the two.

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