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Litecoin [LTC] into high business? Cannabis delivery now accepting cryptocurrency

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Volkswagen and IOTA are set to show the proof of concept of transfer of over-the-air software, using Tangle, at the Cebit 2018, revealed Johann Jungwirth via Twitter.

According to his tweet, experts predict that over 250 million connected vehicles will populate the roads.

CeBIT is a giant, internationally well-represented computer expo held each year in the Hanover grounds. On Tuesday, Dr. Martin Hoffman is slated to be one of the speakers to talk on the topic of ‘Future Mobility.’

All the automated cars on the road would need to have software that is up to date, and as the level of automation increases so, too does the need to update the software more frequently. IOTA aims to be the underlying protocol for car makers and suppliers to ensure secure updates.

If data is centrally owned, then it is difficult to ensure that the data is not tampered with. But using multiple, transparent platforms to store necessary data makes the documentation process less cumbersome, as well as increases trust between different parties.

The goals of the project are as follows:

  1. Documentation of over the air updates [OTA] process steps on an immutable data storage medium and audit trail, where data integrity can be ensured.
  2. Integration of IOTA technology into existing legacy system to improve interoperability and production readiness.

The benefits of Volkswagen include being able to provide evidence to external parties, establish transparency and digital trust with customers, authorities and third parties, and being able to handle product recalls more easily. Of course, another core benefit for Volkswagen is to be able to record a high volume of incremental updates and different software versions.

The ecosystem may even be utilized to provide customized services like usage-based insurance, in a secure and immutable manner.

Volkswagen is an absolute colossus in the automobile industry. The fact that they are ready and willing to embrace blockchain technology, in the knowledge that this is a step that might keep them ahead of the curve, is an enormous boost to the PR of blockchain technology in general, and IOTA in particular.

Johann Jungwirth has been quoted to say:

“Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) is the are crucial for the future of trusted transactions.”

“That’s great news but we are on the beginning of this road. To bring that technology to real use by the people we have to wait few years. Good news is we are in this project from begging and I don’t even imagine how much it will be worth when people will use it every day.”

Chris Mueller asks:

“wow, great! What about charging solutions in combination with a wallet for the car – is something like this possible already?”

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