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Coinbase CTO blocks Monero's Spagni on Twitter

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Jessica Kuruthukulangara

Jul 16, 2018 at 9:00 PM

Riccardo Spagni, part of the core team of Monero, seems to have stepped on quite a few toes lately. What started as off a joke on AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant’s tweets quickly turned sour as many claimed he was bullying the executive.

Ravikant, a crypto enthusiast, usually posts updates and predictions about various digital currencies. He also shares self-help tips and philosophies. Spagni, also known as FluffyPony, soon picked up one of such philosophies and began a trend with the hashtag #LookAtMeImNaval.

He started off with the following tweet:

However, not all were tickled by his jabs, with many calling him out for bullying. Spagni tried to defend himself, clarifying that he was only poking fun at Ravikant’s philosophies and nothing more.

Interestingly, Balaji S. Srinivasan, CTO of Coinbase, was among those not amused by Spagni’s tweets. “Riccardo, your behavior is embarrassing and beneath you. Let’s get back to building technology,” he said.

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Eventually, Srinivasan said that it was better if they went their separate ways, after which he blocked Spagni.

Monero “horrible to use” before GUI

In other news, Reuben Yap – COO of Zcoin [XZC] – talked about the status of privacy coins in an interview with Coin Crunch on Saturday. He said that Monero was “horrible to use” earlier, back when it did not have graphic user interface (GUI).

Then, Monero GUI was launched as the first official Monero wallet. In a wallet that offers GUI, users do not have to use the command line terminal to use the wallet and has complete control of his/her private keys, a security plus point.

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Not many privacy coins have a privacy protocol of their own, Yap said, pointing out that a coin usually takes a privacy protocol, clones it and calls it as its very own protocol after making a few tweaks.

Some of the big privacy coins are Monero, Zcash and ZenCash. However, he said that he does not consider Dash to be a privacy coin since it has shifted its focus.

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