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Monero now gets upgraded by its new ledger backup

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Ashmita Dutta

Jun 7, 2018 at 12:58 PM

Monero v0.12.2.0 has been recently launched with supplementary features which includes support from the Ledger. The implication of this feature reveals storage of Monero [XMR] coins on the hardware wallet called Ledger Nano S. BCFocus has recently reported about the team members of Monero [XMR] Core suggesting the chances of being migrated to GitLab.

This, indeed, creates a new wave in the domain of crypto news. Monero development team has pledged to achieve the goal of launching Ledger support. The team Monero undertook the mission with utmost sincerity since it was on the request of the fans for a long time. The crowd base of Monero primarily comprises the cautious yet the paranoid section due to its lucrative privacy features. Thus, an integration with the Ledger is completely justifiable for Monero.

The procrastination of getting supported by Ledger is due to the manner in which it has been programmed. The privacy is maintained by writing the code in a more complicated way than any other altcoins. At the time of integrating with Ledger Nano S, new codes were formulated by the developers to make it functional. However, copying over code from Bitcoins [BTC] and Dash [DASH] is not possible.

The future enterprises will include GUI design wherein the beginners would get a chance to get acquainted with the software and crypto coins. However, the design of this future endeavour is under speculation since no detail is revealed. It is expected that this new venture will provide a friendlier approach to the mentioned cryptocurrency.  Monero will also provide the default use of Fluffy blocks. The blocks which are the constituents of the chain where excessive data is not required for facilitating transactions are the Fluffy blocks.

The privacy of the Monero transactions are ensured by conducting RingCT tests. The fundamental reason behind these tests are providing the users with reassurance about the altcoin’s competency. According to a recent study, Zcash [ZEC] is accused of its deficit in privacy standards. It will now implement stringent measures to curb the chances to seek advantage from the mining community. The fans would be relived to witness this digital currency encountering ASICs. This is due to the possibility of the ecosystem to get dominated by Bitmain, the Bitcoin mining maker.

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