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Monero Sidechain Tari Debuts 'Tari Labs University'

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Tari, the recently-announced blockchain platform being built as a “merge-mined sidechain of Monero” has debuted a new educational resource called ‘Tari Labs University‘. The new initiative is described on the University’s official GitHub page as “an open source, curated set of materials developed by the Tari Community to help facilitate knowledge transfer and education.”

Tari, for those who are unfamiliar with the project, is a new platform headed by Monero’s lead maintainer, Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni. According to the Tari website:

“The Tari platform allows anyone to program complex rules for digital assets and trust that they will be enforced. Tari enables the management, use and transfer of nearly any kind of digital asset you can imagine — from tickets to loyalty points to virtual goods and more — and offers unparalleled monetization opportunities for creators.”

While the Tari platform itself is still in its infancy, Tari Labs University is already up and running.

The University already contains information on a wide range of topics—with courses covering everything from ‘Crypto101’ to more complex subjects like MimbleWimble and Lightning Network.

The key ethos behind Tari Labs University appears to be a genuine desire to educate people about blockchain technology.

Tari Labs University Vice-Chancellor, Kevoulee Sardar, described the platform in a recent blog post, saying, “This learning platform [isn’t] a space for passing judgment; it [is] a place to learn, understand new technologies, grow ideas and stimulate discussion about the disciplines that make up the evolving blockchain technology.”

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