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Monero [XMR] mining activity found in Steam game Abstractism

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Ashmita Dutta

Aug 2, 2018 at 10:00 PM

A popular video game Abstractism was pulled out of the video platform Steam after a Monero [XMR] mining incident was reported. The website Steam is owned by Valve Corporation which initiated this measure of removal.

Abstractism was removed on July 31 as it reportedly witnessed illegal mining of  Monero [XMR] on the website.

Some users noticed the cryptojacking after the game’s reduced performance. The game’s price was quite reasonable, wherein, the retailing price was $0.99. A special promotion of 51 percent could have also been available, prior to the removal, till August 2, 2018.

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With the launching of the game, series of complaints from the gamers started coming in. The users accused the game of behaving like that of crypto-jacker. The suspicion on Abstractism was raised due to its computer heavy attribute despite its low tech features.

In addition to this, the game developer, Okalo Union persuaded the users not to stop the game. The situation worsened as the game relentlessly generated antivirus. The developer of the game fails to have its presence on the internet. However, when the game was launched, some amount of attention was directed towards it because of the auction of its knock off products.

A Twitter Post

A user on Twitter has posted in this context, “Glad that most of these games are being brought to light and getting removed. Hopefully steam implements something so they can prevent this in the future as letting these kinds of “games” through is kind of a big deal.”

The strange activities on the platform surfaced when players noticed that massive usage of GPU and CPU of their computers. The presence of a malware was first disclosed by a gamer’s complaint of being cheated. The gamer reported that while trading an expensive product for the fake ‘Strange Australium Rocket Launcher’, he was deceived.

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Investigation reports revealed that real item’s virtual copy was made by Abstractism which was attached on the top of each item. As per the report of another investigation, the items which have been present on the game were mostly useless.

The grave mistake committed by Abstractism was auctioning game items that had resemblance with artifacts of other games. Herein, the developer must have seen a scope to make more money apart from mining Monero [XMR] through cryptojacking.

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