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Resonating Ripples: Vibrant poetry collection testifies to resilience of human spirit

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To counterpoint one’s poetic craft, one has to increase themselves past the only real act of writing poetry. Main Common Pran Koul’s lengthy and illustrious profession serving the nation has given him a big terrain of themes to dip into for his poems. 

And his love for ghazals, shayari and the Urdu language has solely nurtured the cadences of a righteous poet who can “set issues proper.” 

Early in his debut poetry assortment, Resonating Ripples, Common Koul quotes a New Thought minister referred to as Micheal Bernard Beckwith: “Creation is at all times occurring. Each time a person has a thought, or a protracted power mind-set, they’re within the creation course of. One thing goes to manifest out of those ideas.” So too with Koul’s extended publicity to heart-rending tales from the land of his beginning, Kashmir. Manifesting the stream of deeply churning occasions as poetic disclosures was inevitable. 

The fact of exile at all times finds expression in literature and poetry, particularly within the twentieth century when the Indian subcontinent witnessed a minimum of 4 main waves of pressured migration. The mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits within the late Eighties is considered one of them. In a deeply shifting poem written ten years in the past, titled “Murmur From The Coronary heart of An Exile”, Koul writes:

“The place has he hidden himself
after denuding the backyard off his Bahar?
The place bushes now emit sparks; gone is the attraction of the soothing Chinar?” 

There are poems on borders recalling and transcending the horrors of Partition. “In Who Laid the Barbed Wire”, the birds mightily dismiss human follies with their hovering march throughout mad-made divisions. 

“It provides me a unclean look
flies throughout and yells
devoid of any concern
‘I do not care to your barbed wire,
I do not care to your barbed wire,”. 

Koul is credited with surveying the primary Indian map in Antartica in 1991 and, fittingly, there’s an ode to the “distant icy land” close to the South Pole referred to as Antarctica Warriors. The journey to get there from Goa aboard the mighty MS Thuleland is described in vivid element. 

“At size, the solar was seen as soon as once more
the ocean wore the look of a bride.
Floating icebergs, like pearls, nicely unfold throughout, embellished its glowing naked chest
Thus it put all fears to relaxation!”

Main Common Pran Koul has beforehand authored “The Silence Speaks,” a memoir which touches upon his journey from the quaint streets of Sopore in Kashmir to the corridors of GHQ, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. His historic official assignments have taken him to Antarctica, USA, Russia, China, Pakistan and Bhutan. His fruitful, rewarding skilled life is mirrored in his poems in the way in which they undertake a tenor which is delicate and sensible. And at all times forward-looking. Despite the mayhem and the bloodshed, there isn’t any sense of fatalism or defeatist resignation.

In “She Did not Sigh Nor Did She Cry” Koul recounts in poignant verse, the steely response of a younger widow after her soldier-husband’s physique is flown residence in a coffin. 

“She stood frozen until she heard her daughter’s creak
a knee-jerk response and she or he pulled herself up,
for, the kid was scheduled for an examination within the faculty.
The courageous coronary heart despatched the toddler to face her biggest take a look at, she made the coffin to relaxation,
till the daffodil returned from faculty.” 

In her lovely poem, maybe a love lyric, the poet negotiates a protracted, darkish evening to satisfy his beloved regardless of the various “bars” that must be damaged and the “scars” that want therapeutic. 

“All appears nicely, all in place,
all that issues for the evening,
I’ve pledged,
I’ve pledged to succeed in her this evening.”

In Resonating Ripples, readers are additionally gifted with a bittersweet quick story, “An Earthen Cup of Home made Curd,” which envelopes themes of friendship, group, love and loss in a heartbreaking show of how circumstances intervene to tear aside the purest of communions and switch the tables on the victor and the vanquished. But in addition how time heals and redeems, that some alliances cast in childhood will at all times be rocksteady. It is one other expression of poetic justice.

Finally, this vibrant poetry assortment is a testomony to the resilience of the human spirit which at all times lets darkness information oneself to the sunshine. As Koul himself prefaces in a poem referred to as “The Energy of Evening”: Once I get misplaced, it’s the darkness that guides me by its unseen gentle. 

Resonating Ripples

BlueRose Publishers

Pages: 215

Worth: 245

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