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Ripple (XRP) breaks barriers of cross-border payments with Santander's One Pay FX

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Ripple (XRP) and Santander story has been on the top since the collaboration announcement. The first time ever, a payment app for cross-border payments powered by blockchain was introduced by one of the world’s largest bank – Santander in association with Ripple. Their latest release that has been creating buzz is the One Pay FX for international payments as mentioned in the above lines.

The team tweeted:

“Watch @bancosantander’s One Pay FX in action, the first #blockchain powered mobile app for cross-border payments, and learn more about why the app is so revolutionary.”

The whole idea of this was to ensure payments across the border take as minimum time as possible which is a critical improvement from the traditional system that takes up to 3 to 5 days. European Santander clients can now transfer funds internationally within seconds or at the latest minutes. Ripple’s payment technology is the fastest of all in the market with proof for 1500 transactions and more every second. However, there are a lot more coins in the market catching up to compete with this, for instance, Tron, which has promised 2000 TPS post main net launch.

The app not only succeeds in terms of speed but also takes care of transparency and the minimum fee for the services offered. Investment in legacy banking systems by financial institutions in large amounts makes integration of new tech and improvement of agility difficult. This bogs down the rather non-existent digital infrastructure that is necessary to support improved user experiences, specifically for customers who use mobile phones. This is what coins Santander’s One Pay FX as a revolution.

Ripple’s team had stated in their post:

 “It is what consumers require and expect in today’s market — whether it’s sending a secure message to a friend, hailing a rideshare or sending money across borders.”

The first of a kind UI and blockchain infrastructure for a mobile application, the One Pay FX app offers several new features to remittance customers which no other bank can provide. The whole new experience includes:

  • Total payment cost for sending their funds and this includes bank fee and Forex rates
  • An estimated delivery time quote for better transparency
  • A payment receipt for complete assurance

Watch as real money moves from the U.K. to the U.S. via One Pay FX in the video below.


Santander obviously, plans to roll out the newly launched One Pay FX service to various countries, almost two dozen of them in the mere future. This will ultimately lead to increased utility and value for customers is what they are expecting.

Santander Group’s executive chairman, Ana Botin says:

“ Now 50% of the bank’s annual international transfers are carried by the Ripple-powered blockchain.”

To make it clear once again Ripple and XRP are two different entities and the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse has been mentioning how unfair and annoying it is when journalists or anybody for that matter mix up the two. Ripple is the company that sells software and builds products while XRP is the digital asset. Additionally, this makes it clear that Ripple and XRP are independent of each other.

Ripple (XRP) is the world’s third largest digital asset in terms of the market capitalization accounting for $25.28 billion. The current trading value is $0.644 which is not a great deal as it had earlier almost reached the $1 mark as the users waited with optimism. Disappointingly, XRP has had a rough quarter and never made it the dollar mark. The figures are turning green slowly for XRP.

Supporters are more than ecstatic as they express their claims,


“Yes! great new for “RIPPLE”…. But XRP use (adoption) is what is needed!!! Its time for FI to start using (rapid XRP) …or the price will go backwards!”

Dr. T:

“This is the most significant achievement that people are overlooking. Ripple powered solutions are slowly taking over.”


“Too much promotion but ppl only believe when they see xrp is being used. Ripple great tech has been used but the main thing is xrp.”

Alex Janseen:

“#Champagne for @bancosantander. Now let’s jump to the next level and wipe out some nostros.”

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