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Ripple (XRP): Ripple Will Meet Banking Industry Members in Dubai, Next Week

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Ripple (XRP) is the brainchild of the Ripple company, a business dedicated to innovate the banking system with new technologies that make possible fast and cheaper cross-border payments. Now, it’s said that a meeting between Ripple and its banking industry partners will take place next week to debate RippleNet and xCurrent integration.

Accordingly, RippleNet and xCurrent are already integrated across a network made of about 100 banks worldwide.

Although the main topics of the upcoming meeting will be RippleNet and xCurrent, and these platforms benefits for the banking industry, we should expect the discussion will address Ripple (XRP), also, as XRP is still the Ripple company’s flagship.

“The decentralized network of banks across the world is over 100 strong. Next week in Dubai, members of the network will meet to forge new connections and discuss how they use Ripple technology – sharing lessons learned and best practices,” reads an article posted by Ripple on its official blog.

Ripple to meet with banking industry members in Dubai – What is that meaning for Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple’s press release continued by explaining why such meetings are essential for regional banks, stating that “for regional banks, events like these provide a critical opportunity to create relationships that open new remittance corridors.”

According to Ripple, these meeting create the ideal frame for banks to see how RippleNet and xCurrent work for reducing the issues related to the traditional correspondent banking models.

Speculations weren’t late to emerge on the Internet. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts even said that Ripple’s meeting in Dubai would increase the adoption for the Ripple’s platforms dedicated to faster and cheaper cross-border payments, RippleNet and xCurrent.

Others even went further and said that the meeting could also bring up the adoption of xRapid platform based on Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency. If so, Ripple company might indeed try building the foundation for implementing XRP as a viable currency for inter-banking transactions.

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