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Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) Winning in Unique Styles

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Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) these two have unique architectural designs that can make them thrive together.With the number of Altcoins ballooning every day, competition appears to be taking shape in. however, for the crypto dwarf; the competition tends to deter new adopters from testing the waters. This however is not the scenario between Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP).

The two coins are not actually competing against each other; each a clear cut route and target niche.  Their co-existence has been proven by investors who hold both coins. However, staunch XLM holders look upon their XRP counterparts as a threat to the growth of their subscriber bases. The fact is, the two coins can exist and still win in the market in their own unique styles.

XLM and XRP Market Niche and Pricing

XLM and XRP coins are lowly priced which is ideal for mass adoption. With the growing crypto verse ach coin is charting their market entry and the investor is only interested in the value proposition at the end of the day. The growing number of Altcoins is because the original coin, BTC, had many shortfalls and these new coins seek to seal these loopholes and XLM and XRP has stood out of the crowd with real world use cases.

Both coins target the masses using the existing banking establishments and so far, there are not conflicts in terms of products and audience targeting. The consumer on the other hand is crypto sensitized and know their needs and aspirations.  The user is looking at the face value of each coin from the long-term investment perspective and not just the current price.

The two coins present an enticing entry point for the ordinary and institutional digital asset investor. The lasts 24 trading session has seen the XLM price stand at $0.210669 backed by $3.9 for its market cap. XRP was being quoted at $0.490484 with market dominance of $19.3billion. By looking at these figures, the value of XRP is greater than the XLM one with a superior market cap.

With this kind of balance, there are no rivalries between the two.  Ripple (XRP) has been appreciated by the banks as an outfit that seeks to solve real world banking problems. This has seen more than 75 banking establishments come onboard the platform this year alone. This support means XRP products are adding value to the sector and this is propping the coin towards its winning ways.

Stellar (XLM) has its own supporting partnerships but has not made a lot of impact with its strategic collaborations. However, the Stellar partnership is different from that of Ripple and these are giving Stellar the trust and confidence an investor looks for in a digital coin. Stellar partnership gains are long term and a good example is the IBM partnership.

What Sets Stellar and Ripple Apart?

The teams behind the two digital coin outfits are different with Stellar comprising of entrepreneurs and focusing on startups while Ripple team is drawn from the banks. These two backgrounds might seem worlds apart but they are more complementary than competing.

Many crypto analysts see Ripple (XRP) as a virtual coin that is poised to attain the global currency status in the future. The coin beats Stellar in terms of market reach and global appeal but this is a gap that XLM is working towards bridging very soon. Ripple has always gained a lot of social media attention for the various reasons while Stellar work behind the scenes.

Stellar (XLM) is a sleeping giant and appears to have smelt the coffee and has been very active of late. The platform is still under development and there is more that needs to be done before it attains Ripple status. The two coin coexistence remains healthy and they are not 100% perfect. The digital coin investor has the final say as to which coin becomes an instant it going into the future.

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