Curve Pool Imbalance Causes USDT Depeg Issues, Tether CTO Calls It FUD


(USDT) stablecoin barely deviated from its USD peg on June 15 attributable to Curve’s 3pool imbalance. The USDT value fell 0.3% to round 0.997 as the load inside the Curve 3 pool elevated from its common 33.1% to over 70%.

Curve’s 3pool is the highest 3 stablecoins USDT, (USDC) and die (Huge). A big improve within the weight of a selected stablecoin within the pool signifies that the asset is being offered in massive numbers.

USDT value depeg. Supply: TradingView
Curve’s 3-pool stablecoin weights. Supply: Curve.

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